Customer Success

Viber chooses Dialogic

Viber chooses Dialogic’s Cloud-Based SoftSwitch and SBC for its Voice Core Infrastructure.

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Xfone chooses Dialogic Bordernet 4000 SBC

Xfone chooses Dialogic’s SBC Platform for its International Voice Networks.

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Lipigas selects Dialogic PowerVille VIVR

Dialogic® PowerVille™ Visual IVR provides the foundation for Lipigas’ advanced customer interface to improve user experience.

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Blogs & Podcasts

Lessons learned from Enterprise Connect and TADHack: The way to build a successful communication application all depends on the first step. read more
Jim Machi 03/29/2017
by Vince Puglia
Amazon and Facebook are new players in telecom, but they're huge movers and shakers. Jim Machi saw it all in full force at MWC. read more
Jim Machi 03/28/2017
by Jim Machi
VoiP has won and countries are announcing PSTN sunset dates. But what does having no PSTN lines really mean and what are some things that should be co... read more
Jim Machi 03/21/2017
by Jim Machi
Call progress analysis, commonly known to be the enabling technology for robocalls, has another less-known use case: Reverse 911. read more
Jim Machi 03/16/2017
by Alan Percy
In Unified Communications, user experience should come first and then the required technology to achieve it. Many times, this workflow is reversed. read more
Jim Machi 03/15/2017
by Miguel Lopes
Call progress analysis, the technology enabling robocalls, have significantly changed since call processing boards have morphed into software modules. read more
Jim Machi 03/14/2017
by Jim Machi
Real-time communications, IoT and WebRTC are finding their way into a range of new innovative applications. Lantre Barr and Alex Goloshubin share som... read more
Jim Machi 02/23/2017
by The CommsDevZone Podcast
Turning a great idea into a profitable application that can scale and be reliable is one of the many challenges that service providers face. My guest... read more
Jim Machi 02/07/2017
by The CommsDevZone Podcast
As video becomes a bigger part of user experiences, understanding the issues of multi-party conferencing, recording and transcoding becomes important.... read more
Jim Machi 01/25/2017
by The CommsDevZone Podcast

News & Events

ITW 2017

ITW (International Telecoms Week) is the annual meeting for the global wholesale telecoms industry, providing ...


Dialogic PowerVille LB – Scaling your Business Webinar

With an extensive history of providing communications technologies and solutions, Dialogic now offers a PowerVille™ LB - an Avaya DevConnect-compliant load balancer solution for Avaya Aura Sessi... READ MORE

Monsan Chooses Dialogic PowerVille Visual IVR to Offer Advanced Customer Car...

Innovative Visual IVR enables faster and better service READ MORE

Viber chooses Dialogic’s Cloud-Based SoftSwitch and SBC for its Voice Core I...

Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ and Dialogic® BorderNet™ Session Border Controller software in Amazon Cloud provides high quality voice calls to PSTN and mobile networks READ MORE

Dialogic and Quobis Deliver Video Solution to Enable Mobile Identity Verific...

WebRTC-based video application utilizes real-time media server recording capabilities to enable identity verification via mobile devices READ MORE

Dialogic PowerVille LB –Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications Now Rated...

PowerVille LB is compatible with key Avaya team engagement solutions READ MORE